woh.nen is an inter-disciplinary enquiry into the entangled hybrid worlds of the more-than-human. Her practise comprises different conceptual and practice-led projects, investigating collective listening as a form of activism and sounding out the symbiotic relationships we have with the world within, amongst and around us. She asks how we can learn to listen to the voices of those silenced, othered or disappeared.

Becoming-Tree/Parlour of Psithurism
March 2024
two sound installations shown at Groundwork Gallery as part of the Art for the Environment Exhibition

Camas Sgiotag
February 2024
site-situated project exploring sounds of care on the Isle of Eigg from the Bothy Project residency supported by Creative Scotland

Urban Dwellers
September 2023 – Ongoing
monthly radio show on Resonance FM

BOOKLET – Nothing but Bark and Bone
September 2023
a collection of work from the project developed at AER NAHR residency

Nothing but Bark and Bone
August 2023
a sonic topography of breath as it’s intimately passed between the vegetal and the flesh

Pan-fried Mushrooms, Algae Bubbles and the Heart Chant
May 2023
a collection of sounds weaving together the voices of the active listener with the many voices that become audible when we choose to listen

Ca’ the yowes
May 2023

the re-directory issue #1
December 2022
a sound map exploring the continual becomings of a site and the many voices that make up its identity

con-crete : a tender topography of dilston grove
December 2022
a site-specific installation at Dilston Grove Gallery, Southwark Park, London, part of the ‘Noise Bodies’ exhibition.

Walthamstow marshes and regent’s canal
September 2022
exploring ways of listening to unheard voices in London and their disappearance due to noise pollution

September 2022
a track exploring shifting boundaries

table at terrapolis
August 2022
an interactive sound installation at the Barbican part of the Earth Quest Event hosted by the Climate Emergency Network

trio for visual
March 2022
a group of performances exploring improvisation and experimental scores, with music and live animation

January 2022
a collective listening session exploring spaces for those other-ed in the music industry to collaborate and experiment, inspired by the her noise archive

February 2021
sound and concept for an installation that focuses on the experiences of bodies that menstruate

there is only a forest pt 1
February 2021
storytelling through sound

chaos, territory, art
January 2021
a project inspired by ‘Chaos, Territory, Art’ a book by Elizabeth Grosz

December 2020
reimagining of an old Christmas carol

November 2020

taking music elsewhere
June 2020
research paper exploring post-humanism and sonic space in the pyramid at Anderson

uncomfortable colours
April 2020
ep, collaboration with Gretchen Lyme

shoegaze 4-piece band based in Glasgow

mixed media
multi-media exploration of the shed at the bottom of the garden